The Highway: 201-Level Training at S4x20

The OnRamp 101-Level Security training the day prior to S4x19 was a hit. It sold out the room with 78 attendees. It wasn’t a surprise given the all-star lineup of teachers we had for this one-time only live event. We did capture the videos and have trained up hundred’s more in the OnRamp Online. Note that all S4x20 attendees will get a free pass for the OnRamp Online that they can use or give to a colleague.

The OnRamp was designed to get newcomers up to speed fast. We are following that up for S4x20 with a 201-Level course called¬†The Highway. You are up to speed from the OnRamp and ready to enter The Highway … get it? The cool logo and movie poster are still being designed (it will be tough to top the OnRamp poster).

We didn’t want to repeat any of the instructors, and we wanted to provide you with another amazing list of teachers you will only get in one room this one time. With some great support from friends in the community, it is done. We have Ralph Langner on Asset Management and Security, Jonathan Pollet on ICS Security Assessments, Marina Krotofil on Cyber/Physical, Joel Langill on the NIST CSF, Andy Bochman on Consequence and more.

Given this great lineup and demand, we have moved The Highway training to S4 Stage 2. We can comfortably fit 150 in classroom style for The Highway. We also have dropped down from 10 speakers to 8 and are starting 30-minutes earlier so we have more time for Q&A and discussions.

Registration will begin for The Highway and S4x20 on September 3rd.

If you are a ICS security guru who has been coming to S4 for years, then you don’t need The Highway. Who in your company does need it? With the free OnRamp Online course starting on October 15th and The Highway prior to S4x20, your colleague can move from a “they just don’t get it” to a true partner in your ICS / OT security and risk management program.