3rd Floor Fun at S4x20 – Plum Island and CISA ICS Skid

The third floor of the venue will be busy (and is the access to the Main Stage theater balcony seating). We have added two interactive exhibits for attendees to view and learn from.

DARPA’s Plum Island

What would happen if a cyber attack took out all of power? Well, you move to your black start plans. What if the attackers were also attacking key elements of those plans? The DARPA project, with support from industry, academia and other .gov agencies, has been running these scenarios on an island off of New York. They have lessons learned; stories of what didn’t work. And most importantly a variety of solutions that make black start possible under a number of skilled attack scenarios.

The Plum Island team will be bringing many of those solutions to S4x20 and giving tours of Plum Island to attendees. Make sure you plan to go on one of the tours if you are in the electric sector, times and ways to sign-up coming in attendee emails.

DHS CISA CELR ICS Skid with Red / Blue Challenge

DHS CISA is developing Control Environment Laboratory Resource (CELR) ICS skids based around various critical infrastructure verticals (electric, oil & gas, manufacturing, etc.) These will be used for teaching, research and other purposes. They are bringing one of the new skids down to S4x20, and it will have red and blue challenges associated with it to test your skills and teach you some key points and new techniques.

These are brand new, and we are still getting more info on them. They should be a great addition for attendees at a variety of technical levels.