Best Ticket Price For First 48 Hours

Sept 3rd and 4th (EDT)

S4x20 tickets go on sale at 00:01 on Tuesday, September 3rd Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). To make it fair for the S4 Tribe in all time zones we will keep the ticket 1 pricing for 48 hours. Order your tickets now.

Ticket prices are based on what ticket type and what ticket number you buy. Basically you need to:

  • Decide if you want to attend the uber-technical Stage 2 Deep Dives and get a 3-Stage ticket — OR — get the lower cost Main Stage + Sponsor Stage ticket
  • Decide if you want to add on The Highway training day on Monday, January 20th. This is our 201-Level followup to the OnRamp 101-Level training, and it includes another all-star group of teachers.
  • Order your ticket as soon as possible.

The reason for the last bullet item is tickets are priced based on what ticket number you buy. Tickets 1-100 have sold out in the first 48-hours in the past. You can see all the ticket pricing and details on the Tickets page. As a bonus, all tickets come with a free pass for the OnRamp Online that you can give to a colleague who needs to learn the basics.

We have kept the initial pricing low so that those that have supported S4 over the years and want to come back can afford it. The initial S4x07 was attended by about 40 people and cost $995 for one-stage and two-days. Thirteen years later the two-stage, three-day ticket for S4x20 is only $200 more, and this includes a lot more social events and access to over 500 of your fellow attendees.

All that said, we appreciate that is a leap of faith to buy a ticket for an event prior to the agenda coming out. If you know you want to attend S4x20 then register in the first 48-hours to get the best price. The S4x20 agenda will come out on October 1st, still 3.5 months prior to the event to give you plenty of time to make your decision and plan your trip.

September 3rd also is the date when the Surfcomber Hotel room block opens up. This has been the official S4 hotel for the past 5 years, is the location of the Cabana Sessions, and where the BeerISAC has met in recent years.