Case Studies at S4x19

We want to highlight are approach to case studies at S4 and two case study sessions on the S4x19 Main Stage.

Case Study: OT Passive Detection Deployed

Nick Charnley of China Power & Light (CLP), the major electric generation, transmission and distribution utility, in Hong Kong, has deployed one of the OT passive detection solutions at multiple locations in their ICS. Nick will talk about what worked, what didn’t, and lessons learned.

The case study will include key questions to ask prior to trying one of these products out such as: are your networks ready? What to do once you have a system installed? How to action the findings? MSSP integration options, and more.

Case Study: Averting Supply Chain Attacks

Securing the supply chain is a topic that gets a lot of broad discussion about its growing importance and anecdotal evidence of supply chain incidents. There is, however, very limited step by step guidance on how to implement a supply chain security program. It’s hard, and Ed Turkaly of Baker Hughes will go over case studies of successful and failed supply chain efforts, including:

  • How to effectively evaluate suppliers
  • Components of an effective supplier security program
  • The importance of a long-term partner when choosing security solutions
  • When and where the reduction of vendors equals a stronger security posture
  • What shared responsibility looks like before, during and after commissioning
  • Looking beyond greenfield; shared responsibility with legacy devices

S4 Case Study Philosophy

The most common session submitted in response to a CFP are case studies / lessons learned / best practices. We typically turn these away for two reasons. First, it tends to be on a SCADASEC 101 topic such as how to integrate IT and OT teams or good practices for secure remote access. Very important topics that the masses need to see, but they are things the S4 attendee already knows (or will learn in the OnRamp training). And second, many of the other ICSsec events and user conferences are built around case studies. So there are already many places to see these if your primary interest is what your peers have done in the past.

S4 is future focused. What will come next? What do you need to be preparing for in the next 1 to 3 years? How can you help your company lead? The two case studies selected are in areas where good practices are not yet proven. And we vetted them closely to insure they would be candid on both what worked and what didn’t.

While you won’t see many case studies on the S4 Main Stage or Stage 2, they do typically represent more than half of the sessions on the S4 Sponsor Stage. In fact, many of the Sponsor Stage sessions would be keynotes or plenary sessions at other events. The Sponsor Stage presentations are just coming in, but so far we have the following case study type sessions on the agenda:

  • Andrea Carcano: 1000 Installations Later … Lessons for Successful Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Brian Proctor + Asset Owners: Actions Not Words … A Candid Conversation With Asset Owners About Their ICS Cybersecurity Programs