CTF Competitors Will Have Free Access To Nessus & Other Tenable Tools

Tenable is a S4x19 CTF Sponsor, and they asked how they could best help with the CTF. Our answer, why don’t you let the competitors use Nessus. They went a step further and will be bringing the Tenable.sc, Nessus Professional and Industrial Security ICS solutions to the S4x19 CTF and placing them on CTF network for the teams use. Teams will be able to get an account and use these tools to perform recon, watch CTF network traffic, and scan specific assets.

Nessus Professional

Nessus is the de-facto industry standard vulnerability assessment solution for security practitioners. Nessus helps the security pros on the front lines quickly and easily identify and fix vulnerabilities – including software flaws, missing patches, malware, and misconfigurations – across a variety of operating systems, devices and applications.

Industrial Security

Purpose-built for OT systems, Industrial Security from Tenable provides safe, reliable, and continuous insight so you know what you have and what to protect. Using passive network monitoring and deep packet inspection, the solution discovers new assets and accurately detects OT vulnerabilities, spanning dozens of protocols and manufacturers. Industrial Security helps organizations unify visibility into IT and OT vulnerabilities to understand their full cyber exposure.


Tenable.sc consolidates and evaluates vulnerability data across your organization, prioritizing security risks and providing a clear view of your security posture. With Tenable.sc pre-built, highly customizable dashboards and reports, and the industry’s only Assurance Report Cards® (ARCs), you can visualize, measure and analyze the effectiveness of your security program.

If you want to get all of the hints and information on the S4x19 CTF. Let us know your team name and members by sending it to s4@digitalbond.com.