Dan Geer Interview In Day 1 Keynote

We are pleased to announce that Daniel Geer has been added to the Day 1 Keynote block of the S4x18 ICS Cybersecurity Conference, January 16 – 18 in Miami South Beach.

Dan is known as one of the most thoughtful and thought provoking speakers in the cyber security and broader technology arena. He has given many keynotes that where he has crafted a written speech and read it on stage. I hope you have benefited from seeing and reading many of these speeches.

Of course we always try to do it different at S4, and in this case Dale Peterson will be interviewing Dan onstage in the Tuesday keynote block. Dan has provided a lot of meaty topics and ideas that affect ICS and IoT security we can delve into, and we will give attendees the opportunity to suggest and up-vote questions for Dan.

Dan also plans on being at the event all day on Tuesday so you will have a chance to meet him one on one and ask your own question.