First 5 Contestants in the ICS Detection Challenge

Here are the first five contestant companies who will compete in the ICS Detection Challenge that will take place at S4x18, Jan 16-18 in Miami South Beach.

  1. Bayshore Technologies
  2. Claroty
  3. Gravwell
  4. Nozomi Networks
  5. Security Matters

We have decided we can handle up to 10 contestants, so if you are interested contact asap.

The ICS Detection Challenge is a highly realistic test of a product and company’s ability to identify cyber assets, communications and process details in an ICS (Day 1) and detect cyber attacks and cyber incidents (Day 3) based solely on packets collected passively from span ports on ICS switches. If this is a key part of your identification and detection solution, then you should step up to the challenge.

It is not a good fit for identification and detection solutions that rely primarily on active, product introduced packets or outside threat data. While we would like to have included this in the Challenge, it is beyond our capability for S4x18. We are thrilled that we have access to actual packet captures to insure realism for an actual asset owner ICS.

Three of the five contestants are well known names in the ICS detection space. Bayshore Technologies has recently migrated and added to their industrial gateway technology to create a detection product. Gravwell uses a different, non-ICS specific approach called force directed graphs so it will be interesting to see what they can identify and detect.

We also would consider a team who wants to compete using only open source tools.