Free S4x18 Tickets for 4 University CTF Teams

It appears, based on papers and publicity, that a number of Universities have made progress in their ICS security programs and research. We thought we would try to find out how much progress first hand by inviting up to 4 University teams to attend S4x18 and compete in the CTF.

Here are the details:

  1. The team will consist of two students from the University.
  2. Submit your request for one of the four spots to Let us know who the two participants would be and in detail their experience with ICS and ICS hacking. We are only accepting teams with experience and a likelihood to be competitive in the CTF.
  3. We will provide two free tickets to S4x18, which will allow you to participate in the CTF, attend sessions and attend the social events.
  4. The students / contestants will be responsible for all travel and living expenses.

Academia participation in S4 has been minimal over the last ten years, but those that have come have seen it jump start their careers. In addition to the learning, you will meet and get to know the best in the world at ICS security in asset owner, vendors, government and industry organizations.