Social Events At S4

Social Events At S4

Social Events At S4

Social Events At S4

Social Events At S4

You are in Miami Beach in January … so you shouldn’t spend all your time inside. And how about having some fun while you are making and renewing relationships with the best ICS security talent in the world?

We have set aside the time you need in a beautiful and creative atmosphere to help spur ideas and projects that will help secure ICS.

The Cabana Sessions

Most events have an exhibit in a conference ballroom; S4x19 has the Cabana Sessions. We spend Wednesday afternoon (the middle day) around the Surfcomber pool, under the palm trees, and a few steps from the ocean.

The sponsors are in Cabanas, and they have really stepped up in past S4 events to bring fun activities in line with the poolside atmosphere. At past Cabana Sessions there was live graffiti art painting, war robot parkour, kegerator hacking challenges, virtual reality, make your own waffle sunday, learn how to make classic cocktails, cantaloupe smashing, back massages, and more. Of course, there is a full assortment and food and drink.

The real benefit is you have time to have the deep discussions about work and life that build bonds. Many are skeptical about the Cabana Sessions until they experience it, and then it often becomes one of the favorite parts of S4. If you must work every waking hour, the ICS challenges at the event will keep you fully occupied.

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S4 Welcome Party

You’ve just enjoyed the first day of sessions on 3-stages. Your mind is full of new ideas, and things you want to discuss with peers. Or you just want to relax and talk about anything but ICS security. Either way we have you covered with the S4 Welcome Party.

The Party is held two blocks away at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. It’s a beautiful location to enjoy the sunset and early evening weather. There is food, drink and entertainment. This year, by popular demand, we are bringing back the Cuban party theme with food and drink, cigars, dominos, music and of course we need to throw in a few new surprises every year.

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Craft Beer Bash

Most event end with a whimper. The last speaker finishes, a few thank yous, and everyone picks up and shuffles out. We didn’t like that, so we created the Craft Beer Bash.

After the Closing Panel, everyone is invited up on the gigantic S4 Main Stage for the Craft Beer Bash. We bring in the best from local brewers, and it is a chance for a last toast with your friends and colleagues before everyone heads home.

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