July 2020: S4x21 COVID Update

Well, another month has not brought any certainty to the likelihood of holding an event in January in Miami South Beach. We have made some tweaks to our planning and schedule:

  • We still will make a go / no go decision in early October.
  • We are pushing back the start of ticket sales until sometime between October 1st – 15th, whenever we make a go / no go decision.
  • Because the ticket sales are pushed back, we can hold of on deciding the final agenda … and we are keeping the CFP open until September 15th. Don’t wait though. We have already accepted 9 sessions, and your odds of getting on stage are better the earlier you submit.
  • We are still committed to S4 being live, not virtual. So it will be live or cancelled until S4x22. Still we are looking at health options that may make it possible if things are better, but not yet back to normal.