Monday OnRamp Training Added To S4x19

Ralph Langner challenged us in the Closing Panel to bring those new to ICS security into the S4 fold.

The real challenge is we didn’t want to dilute the S4 content with a lot of SCADASEC 101. S4 has expanded beyond the original uber technical content (which still remains on Stage 2) with the addition of two more stages. Still we work hard to insure that all content is fresh, has advanced concepts, and most importantly is forward looking. There are plenty of other quality ICSsec events where people can hear the tried and true advice and information. The S4 crowd wants to explore and help create NEXT.

Our answer to the challenge is a 1-day S4 OnRamp.

OnRamp Purpose: Provide one-day of accelerated learning to those new to ICS security so they can participate in and appreciate S4x19.

How is the S4 OnRamp different than other ICS security training?

  • It’s faster. It’s what you need to know to create and drive the future of ICS and IIOT security
  • It’s focuses on today and the future … not the past
  • You get 8+ dynamic expert trainers in one day
  • It’s in Miami South Beach in January

The S4x19 OnRamp takes place the Monday prior to S4x19, January 14th. While you can buy an “OnRamp only” ticket, we expect most to buy the OnRamp + Main Stage ticket that gives the attendee access to everything but Stage 2: Technical Deep Dives.

We have most of the speakers lined up, and it’s a highly impressive and entertaining group. Literally a lineup that are keynoters at other ICSsec events. We will announce the topics and speakers on July 19th.

The speakers have a difficult task of determining what to include and what to leave out in their ~45 minute slots. What is the essential information someone needs to know about ICSsec architecture or safety systems to be able to have meaningful conversations with other S4 attendees and get value from Main Stage sessions? What do they need to know to play a role in pushing forward their organizations ICS security program? I’m going to closely work with and review the materials so they are consistent in terminology, don’t overlap, and most importantly don’t try to cram 3 hours of information into 45 minutes.

So … who from your organization should come to the OnRamp and participate in S4x19?

FYI – registration for the OnRamp and S4x19 will open on Sept 1st. We have put up a ticket page with pricing and other information. Be ready to move on Sept 1st to get the best deal.