S4x19 Charity Water Campaign

Our Donations Will Refurbish Two Wells In Uganda

Thanks to many generous contributions from S4 attendees we were able to reach our goal of $20,000 raised for Charity Water at S4x19 this January. One of the many things we like about Charity Water and led to their selection as the S4 charity is 100% of the money raised goes to specific water projects. And they provide detail and updates on these projects (see this link for an example).

This month we received the first bit of information. The funds raised at S4x19 will fund the refurbishing of two wells in the Katakwi District in Eastern Uganda. The work will be done by WHH. We expect before January to get the exact GPS coordinates of the wells and information on the work that will be done and the wells themselves.

We will be launching the S4x20 Charity Water Campaign in mid-October. Once again I’ll be matching your donations, and hope together we can go even bigger and help more. Consider donating $30, which when matched will provide water for two people.

Why we selected Charity Water:

  • It lines up with our focus on control systems and critical infrastructure. All installations include the data acquisition part of SCADA.
  • 100% of the funding we provide goes to water projects. Charity Waters raises money separately to cover administrative costs.
  • The difference having locally available clean water makes a dramatic difference to all in a village (see the S4x19 video)