S4x21 and COVID-19

We, S4 Events and the 700+ attendees, were fortunate this year that S4x20 occurred in mid-January before there were any COVID-19 concerns almost anywhere except Wuhan province. S4x21 is not until Jan 26-28 so we all hope for the good of the world that the pandemic is not an issue ten months from now.

Despite the long lead time we continue to get questions on what we are doing with the event. So here is our current plan:

  • We are going forward aggressively as if it will happen and be better than ever. Remember we already have expanded Stages 2 and 3 with the addition of a second venue across the street, and the S4x21 tag line is No Limits!
  • The attendee cancellation clause will include the right to cancel and get a full refund up until the start of S4x21 in the event of a CDC announced epidemic or an announced epidemic in the attendees facility. This is regardless of whether the event continues, such as RSA did this year. We don’t want anyone to have to choose between their health and loss of the paid conference fee.
  • We have no intention of trying to run S4x21 as a virtual event. While the S4 speakers do an amazing job of presenting their material, S4 is about putting the best in world, the influencers, together in a creative environment.

In the spirit of our No Limits! theme we already have in motion a large number of not small improvements to S4x21. Hopefully it will all come to pass. And if some reason S4x21 can’t happen, we will make it happen at S4x22.