S4x22 Partner & Cabana Sponsor Opportunities

On 1 March 2021 we begin taking applications to be a S4x22 Partner or Cabana Session Sponsors. We are making major changes to the Sponsor program with the main criteria being what will improve the attendee experience. This means there will be fewer sponsors that will have more active participation in the event. We are going further away from the traditional, pay some money and get a tabletop to hawk your product and services.

We will have one Partner for each day of the event, 3 total. The Partner term is apt as the Partner will play a major role in helping to put on the S4 event that day.

There will be four Cabana Session sponsors. The Sponsors have loved the Cabana Sessions in previous years as the relaxed atmosphere and time in the sunshine leads to more meaningful conversations and connections.

To learn about the cost and benefits of these options, send an email to s4@digitalbond.com.