3rd Floor Briefing: DARPA Plum Island and CISA CELR ICS Skids

Main Stage

The third floor of the theater is teeming with activity (and is the way to get to the Main Stage balcony seating). This session will describe what is going on up there and the related programs.

DARPA has been trying to understand and solve the problems related to recovering from a cyber attack that causes a blackout and is fighting against efforts to recover. There have been many lessons learned and solutions from the testing at Plum Island. DARPA brought some of those solutions and the researchers to the third floor to show you.

DHS CISA has developed a number of highly realistic Control Environment Laboratory Resource (CELR) skids. These are environments for research and learning. One of the skids is up on the third floor and the team has red and blue challenges for the S4 attendees to try and learn how the CELR skids can be used.

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