Critical Attack Flow Modeling

Stage 2

The challenge of making the ICS Cybersecurity threat landscape real to the engineer persists to this day. Folks like myself (and including myself) have been saying for years that this is an engineering problem, requiring and engineering solution. Impacts are already modeled in PHA and HAZOP, we just need to show the cyber component. Align with the engineering process and we will be good. These have seen marginal improvement in the world of ICS cybersecurity, but it’s time to dig deeper.

This session presents a new model leveraging cyber PHA, attack flow and threat modeling, and Safety Analysis Function Evaluation chart (SAFE), or Cause & Effect (C&E) Table defined in ISO 10418 to present a critical attack flow showing ease of access through the network to individual components such as valves, motors, or actuators, that will result in cyber physical failure. This exposes direct and measurable attack vectors, allowing engineers to properly select control strategies and engineered layers of protection efficiently throughout the environment.

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