Industrial Cyber Security as a Service (ICSaaS) – Leveraging the Cloud to Protect Your OT Environment

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When it comes to critical infrastructure and industrial operations the attack surface and attack vectors for both are increasing at an unprecedented rate. While virtually every industrial sector (regardless of size) is at risk, many are unable to deploy on-site equipment. Many also lack the resources needed to monitor OT threats. This is where cloud-connected OT security systems can step in to provide more flexible deployment methods as well as leverage the platform that IT security teams have used for years.

Join Barak Perelman, Co-Founder & CEO of Indegy, for this engaging session where he will cover:

1.    What is ICSaaS and what are the best practices for its architecture
2.    What unique value and benefit can you expect by leveraging cloud connectivity
3.    When is it right for your organization to go with a premise solution, a virtual one, a pure cloud or a hybrid mix
4.    Benefits and limitations of each approach (i.e. scalability, resiliency and data analysis automation)
5.    How to determine what will work best for your organization

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