Invite the Chaos Monkey — Test Effect Payloads for ICS Incident Response Resilience

Main Stage

In 2010, when Netflix moved their operational systems to the cloud, they developed a pseudo-random mechanism to cause deliberate outages and failures of key system elements to ensure that automated systems for detecting and remediating outages were mature and fully functional. This Chaos Monkey spawned an entire Simian Army designed to ensure system resilience and enable failure response before issues became outages. Through the DARPA RADICS program, Provatech, INL, and other researchers have developed a mechanism for creating controllable failures via Test Effect Payloads (TEPs) for Industrial Control Systems in order to enable an asset owner to tune network and process sensor technology, increase the effectiveness of incident response and remediation, and highlight areas where resilient technology could bring benefit to Operational Technology. This talk will explore what a TEP is, how to create a TEP, and suggest what a systematic system resilience plan using TEP’s might look like.  We will also discuss how regulated entities might employ TEP’s in a compliant resilience strategy.

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