Next Generation Device Security At Purdue Level 1

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Purdue level 1 is quickly becoming crowded with the expansion of connected devices in our industrial environments. We are no longer working with just traditional PLCs using their own proprietary real time operating systems. There are now new breeds of level one devices that present new and complex challenges to the cybersecurity field. But, with new challenges comes new technology and new tools that can be used to secure your level 1 devices.

Industrial environments are now moving towards the use of  the traditional PLC while utilizing new technologies to create an more secure Purdue level 1 device. This movement would give us the best of both worlds, where the OT professional can program their applications using the tools they are most familiar with while the IT professional can secure the device with the tools they are most familiar with.

In this session, Grant Vandebrake, Lead Solutions Engineer for Network and Cybersecurity, will discuss:

1.) Techniques for securing the traditional PLC

2.) The current advancements in PLC technology

3.) New capabilities with new technology

4.) How Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext technology is changing the game

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