Risk, Utility, and The Public Good

Main Stage

Eireann Leverett started his ICS/CNI/Risk journey right here at S4 in 2012. From there he has gone on to BlackHat, DefCon, FIRST, and CCC.During that time he’s worked with diverse groups on the incentives for defence, and understanding how we fail to do long term planning aroundcritical infrastructure resilience.

This presentation will focus on some of the risk lessons learned in deep dives. He’ll show how he and a few others use metrics to begin quantifying and understanding the operational patterns of threat actors. He’ll also briefly touch on some of the lessons learned about ransomware and rDDoS, during the writing of his upcoming book with two other risk experts.

Eireann will be signing copies of his new book, Solving Cyber Risk: Protecting Your Company and Society, at the Cabana Sessions.

Risk Management