Ang Cui

Founder & Chief Scientist

Dr. Ang Cui is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Red Balloon Security. Dr. Cui received his PhD from Columbia University in 2015. His doctoral dissertation, titled “Embedded System Security: A Software-based Approach”, focused exclusively on scientific inquiries concerning the exploitation and defense embedded systems. Ang has focused on developing new technologies to defend embedded systems against exploitation. During the course of his research, he has uncovered a number of serious vulnerabilities within ubiquitous embedded devices like Cisco routers, HP printers and Cisco IP phones. Dr. Cui is also the author of FRAK and the inventor of Software Symbiote technology. Ang has received various awards on his work on reverse engineering commercial devices and is also the recipient of the Symantec Graduate Fellowship and was selected as a DARPA Riser in 2015.

My Sessions

Real-World Deployment of Firmware Security in Embedded Devices

Sponsor Stage

With a new decade of pervasive firmware vulnerabilities upon us, continuous runtime protection of embedded firmware will secure devices against firmware-level exploitation. This session will discuss a new generation of firmware-level defense being deployed in the real world and how to apply host-based firmware security to ICS devices. We will discuss our past year’s research […]

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