Bryan Singer

Chief Strategy Officer

Bryan Singer is the Chief Strategy Officer of Red Trident, Inc. Responsible for setting the company vision and strategy and functioning as an industry catalyst to innovate and driverevolutionary products and services in the OT cybersecurity space for industry. Mr. Singer hasa long career in ICS security as one of the early founders of industrial control systems security, the founding and now past chairman of ISA/IEC62443, Past Director of the ISA Safety and Security Division, frequent speaker and industry author, and co-author of two books on the subject.

Mr. Singer has spent his career focused on driving industry change including pioneering significant work in the convergence of safety and security, forensics and incident response for industrial control systems, defining effective security programs and policies for OT, defining the cyber-physical challenge, and developing methodologies and products to fully expose cyber risk to OT environments. Seeing the challenge of applying traditional IT security research into vulnerabilities and patching as applied to ICS, Mr. Singer has continued to dig deeper into the engineering challenges unique to ICS security, and expose effective methods to identify realistic threats and target an effective blend of IT security controls and engineered safeguards.

He started his career in the US Military Intelligence Corps and spent many years as a software and systems developer in healthcare, telecommunications, defense industries and others before finding his way in the late 90’s into industrial automation, where he made the unusual leap of moving from IT to OT in the early days.

His proven professional skills include system architecture and design, software project management, application development, system administration, with extensive recent experience in cyber vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. His professional industrial cybersecurity experience spans over 4,000 plants globally and nearly every process type including oil and gas, power generation, transmission/distribution, nuclear, food and beverage, water, pharmaceutical, automotive, and others. He has a long list of “greatest hits” both compromising and hardening industrial processes around the globe.

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Critical Attack Flow Modeling

Stage 2

The challenge of making the ICS Cybersecurity threat landscape real to the engineer persists to this day. Folks like myself (and including myself) have been saying for years that this is an engineering problem, requiring and engineering solution. Impacts are already modeled in PHA and HAZOP, we just need to show the cyber component. Align […]

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