Daniel Earl Geer, Jr., Sc D.

Senior Fellow

MIT S.B. in EE & CS, 1972
Harvard Sc.D. in Biostatistics, 1988

Ten years in clinical and research medical computing followed by five years running MIT’s Project Athena, the first distributed computing emplacement. A small stint in the Research division of the then Digital Equipment Corporation and from then on a series of entrepreneurial endeavors, in all cases either a founder outright or an officer of the company, and now in government service at In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the US intelligence community.

Milestones: The X Window System and Kerberos (1988), the first information security consulting firm on Wall Street (1992), conveyor of the first academic conference on electronic commerce (1995), the “Risk Management is Where the Money Is” speech that changed the focus of security (1998), the Presidency of USENIX Association (2000), the first call for the eclipse of authentication by accountability (2002), principal author of and spokesman for “Cyberinsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly” (2003), co-founder of SecurityMetrics.Org (2004), convener of MetriCon (2006-present), author of “Economics & Strategies of Data Security” (2008), and author of “Cybersecurity & National Policy” (2010). Creator of the Index of Cyber Security (2011) and the Cyber Security Decision Market (2012). Lifetime Achievement Award, USENIX Association, (2011). Expert for NSA Science of Security award (2013-present). Cybersecurity Hall of Fame (2016). Six times entrepreneur. Five times before Congress.

Advisor to or Board member for a number of promising startups and their funding sources, over 100 refereed publications, two books and many book chapters, three patents, over two hundred fifty invited presentations twenty percent of which were keynotes including ten abroad, technology selection and standardization work, and five times before the US Congress of which two were lead witness. Commercial teaching history both extensive in scope and in excess of ten thousand students in the aggregate.

Participation in government advisory roles for the Federal Trade Commission, the Departments of Justice and Treasury, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation, the US Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the White House, and In-Q-Tel’s counterparties.

Frequently consulted by the business and technical press alike, frequent author of lay articles, editor or editorial board for various security publications, member of most relevant professional and trade organizations public and private, and extensive civic involvement including several service recognition awards at the national level. Skilled debater when worthy opponents are available.

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My Sessions

Cyber Nationalism: What Team Are You On?

Main Stage

Claim: Countries and alliances around the world are putting in extremely difficult to find hooks that allow them to compromise ICS when necessary. If this claim is true, who does a global asset owner buy their ICS? Who do they trust not to use this hook? Does each country they produce in require the global […]

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