David Atch

VP of Research

David is a world-class ICS cybersecurity expert with many years of real-world experience in malware analysis, threat hunting, and incident response. In February 2016, he uncovered Operation BugDrop, a large-scale cyber-espionage campaign targeting critical infrastructure design and other firms in the Ukraine. He also led the team that reverse-engineered BE3 and discovered it was designed to perform exfiltration of sensitive information from OT networks via RPC communication using named pipes over SMB. Prior to CyberX, David led an elite team of incident responders who continuously hunted and mitigated cyber-intrusions targeting his country’s critical infrastructure. David has presented at previous S4 conferences as well as at Black Hat Europe and the SANS ICS Security Summit.

CyberX is a Boston-based industrial cybersecurity company founded in 2013 by military cyber experts with nation-state experience defending critical infrastructure.

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