Dennis Murphy

Director of OT Technical Support

Dennis started his career designing, installing and maintaining process automation networks 25 years ago. Most of his experience with SCADA systems was in the integration of data between the IT and OT networks. In 2005, he realized how security was more of an afterthought and shifted his focus to securing ICS networks. Now he is a network security monitoring (NSM) professional and uses this technology to help control system engineers and IT security professionals understand the impacts they have on the security of control system networks.  Dennis focuses on providing practical solutions to meet national critical infrastructure cyber security requirements. His main interest is in bridging the gap between the information technology (IT) requirements and operational technology (OT) requirements.

My Sessions

Actions Not Words: A Candid Conversation With Asset Owners About Their ICS Cybersecurity Programs

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Talking about ICS security is easy; taking active measures to improve your ICS security posture is another story. Hear from actual asset owners who will share their candid perspectives, views, and benefits realized from implementing ICS network security monitoring in their organizations. Monitoring your control system communications isn’t a best practice that is going away. It’s […]

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