Grant Vandebrake

Lead Solution Engineer

Grant Vandebrake is Lead Solution Engineer for Network and Security Services at Phoenix Contact USA, Inc. In that role, he is head of the USA services organization for Industrial networking and Cybersecurity Services projects. Prior to that role, Grant was a Solutions Engineer that performed industrial network services that included: network and security assessments, network design, cyber security training and secure product implementation.

Grant started his career in Industrial Secure as an automation engineer, designing SCADA systems and programming PLCs. Through that work, he eventually developed a love of industrial networking and protocols that lead him to face the challenges in securing these networks. Over time he developed skills in network design and building secure industrial systems that allowed him to create a service offering around Phoenix Contact products.

My Sessions

Next Generation Device Security At Purdue Level 1

Sponsor Stage

Purdue level 1 is quickly becoming crowded with the expansion of connected devices in our industrial environments. We are no longer working with just traditional PLCs using their own proprietary real time operating systems. There are now new breeds of level one devices that present new and complex challenges to the cybersecurity field. But, with […]

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