H. James Wilson

Managing Director

H. James Wilson is managing director of IT and Business Research at Accenture Research, where he leads global research programs on the impact of AI on work. Wilson is co-author of the best-selling, Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI (Harvard Business Review Press 2018), his third book on the impact of technology on work and society.

Wilson wrote “The Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Create,” MIT Sloan Management Review’s #1 Most-Read article of 2017, and is a longtime contributor to The Wall Street Journal and HBR. His latest HBR article, “Collaborative Intelligence: Humans & AI Are Joining Forces,” appears in the summer 2018 issue of the magazine.

My Sessions

Human + Machine: Reimagining Work In The Age Of AI

Main Stage

We chased Jim to give this talk at S4x18 after reading an article he wrote about the new roles of trainers, explainers and maintainers in AI. Now he has a book out that covers this and other concepts about how humans and machines will work together in an AI future. Sometimes humans will be helping […]

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