Jacob Kitchel

Senior Manager

Jacob Kitchel is an industrial information technology and cybersecurity leader with over a decade worth of experience in the development and execution of industrial control system (ICS) security strategies for companies in critical infrastructure industries such as chemicals, oil and gas, and utilities industries.

He joined Accenture as a Senior Manager following five years embedded at a major US utility doing security architecture and operations with a focus on Real Time systems. While in the utility, he served as a Principal Architect for a NERC CIP v5 program to build a new organization which consolidated technical and governance capabilities across multiple business units, as well as leading a Security & Compliance team focused on network infrastructure.

Mr. Kitchel is passionate about helping companies identify and leverage strategic security value in industrial assets to secure operations and deliver reliable services. With experience in both technical and managerial roles, he combines extensive operational experience in Real Time Systems with deep technical offensive & defensive security knowledge, security operations, application security, and security architecture.

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