Jasper Hooft

ICS Security Consultant

Jasper Hooft is an ICS Security Consultant for Toreon where he leverages this knowledge to provide advice on security architecture for clients in the utilities sector in Europe. For more than 8 years, Jasper has worked around the world as automation programmer and maintenance/commissioning engineer. During this period, he obtained in-depth experience in various ICS environments (PLC and DCS) in different sectors ( petrochemical, food and feed and many others) .

He achieved this by organizing Threat Modeling sessions with customers to identify the vulnerabilities in their ICS environment. Jasper considers Threat Modeling to be the most fitting risk assessment methodology for Industrial environments. Its scenario based approach makes it easy for people of different profiles to add value to the process. Jasper and the team at Toreon have provided Threat Modeling Training  at many well-known IT security conferences (BlackHat USA & EU, OWASP AppSec EU, O’Reilly Conference,  …).

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