Jimmy Wylie

Jimmy Wylie is a Senior Adversary Hunter at Dragos who spends his days (and nights) searching for and tearing apart threats to critical infrastructure. Starting as a hobbyist in 2009, he has over 9 years experience with reverse engineering and malware analysis. As a professional in the U.S. Intelligence Community, he utilized a wide range of skills against national level adversaries, including network analysis, dead disk and memory forensics, in-depth malware analysis, and software development supporting the detection, analysis and classification of malware in a variety of programming languages. Before joining Dragos, he was a course developer and instructor at Focal Point Data Risk, teaching a wide range of malware analysis techniques starting with beginner behavioral analysis and ending with kernel driver analysis. At Dragos, he was involved in the analysis of CRASHOVERRIDE, and was a lead analyst on TRISIS.

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