Kenneth Rohde

Cyber Security Researcher

Kenneth Rohde is a member of the Cyber Security Research and Development Department at the Idaho  National Laboratory (INL) in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Mr. Rohde is part of the SCADA and Industrial Control  Systems (ICS) security research team primarily focused on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in computer systems responsible for the Nations critical infrastructure.  He is also an active member of the INL Cyber Security Red Team.  As a part of the INL Red Team, Mr. Rohde has developed several ICS security courses that include in-depth hands-on exercises to help secure Control System servers and components.  These courses have been widely used by the DHS ICS-CERT and the DOE Energy Delivery Cybersecurity programs.  He is also a regular instructor teaching Red Team classes internal to the INL as well as “custom” courses tailored to ICS vendor needs (e.g. secure coding, vulnerability identification, etc.).  His current research work includes automobile security with an emphasis on the integration of the automobile with various pieces of infrastructure.  He holds 7 US patents and 2 more are pending.

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