Kristin Demoranville

Managing Consultant

Kristin Demoranville is a triple threat in STEM. She holds a Bachelors in Science Degree in Environmental Management, has worked in Information Technology since dial-up modems were a thing, and is now currently focusing on OT & IoT Security at Wipro.

Kristin’s adventure into Information Security started at an early age, at the age of 11, she taught herself how to bypass security controls on the family computer. From that moment on, she learned how operating system worked and was she was hooked!  Kristin built her first computer shortly thereafter and started her journey into IT Infrastructure.  In college, she worked at an electronics store as the only female computer technician.  Since then, she has been recognized by PC Magazine and the Washington Post for her troubleshooting skills and became a regular on-air technology subject matter expert for ABC and NBC networks in the Washington DC/Baltimore area.

While working in IT at the largest global bakery solutions manufacturer, she received hands-on training in Operational Technology. Her degree in Environmental Management gave her a different perspective, making her both excited about the OT aspects of Factory production and the complex processes within IT. Building on her in-depth functional knowledge, she became heavily involved in industrial manufacturing information cybersecurity, with her strong IT experience lending practical support.  Kristin additionally was a significant security contributor and a key leader in the global manufacturing security function for Sony, where she directly applies her solid industrial manufacturing knowledge, substantial technical security expertise, and real-world experience to a variety of Sony Global Operating Companies and Japan.

Kristin is passionate about wildlife conservation and holds a Wildlife Certification with the Smithsonian National Zoo.  She has studied gorillas, polar bears, and sparrows, observing various behaviors for behavioral ecology research as a Research Associate for two different universities.  During her international business trips, you will often find her at a zoo or wildlife park.

My Sessions

People Are The Problem / People Are The Solution

Main Stage

This is an important, but tough topic for an event. It usually devolves into well known platitudes that provide little new or helpful information for the experienced attendee. Simply acknowledging it is a real and important issue. Kristin Demoranville and Stuart King believe they can add some new information, ideas and solutions to this problem […]

Panel / Debate Strategy