Marc Blackmer

Project Manager IoT - Cisco

Marc Blackmer is a technologist, blogger, and cybersecurity professional who has spent 20 years assisting some of the world’s top energy producers, financial institutions, and governments worldwide defend their critical assets from cyber threats. His background in threat intelligence, IT, industrial and Internet of Things cybersecurity, as well as IT governance, risk, and compliance, brings a unique perspective to addressing the threats facing businesses and governments today. Marc is also the founder of 1NTERRUPT, a non-profit program developed to introduce students to cybersecurity, hacking, and entrepreneurism.

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Why Cisco Integrated IT/OT Security?

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What does the Cisco acquisition of Sentryo mean to you? Until now the only option for organizations concerned with industrial cybersecurity seemed to be to try to bolt on the latest threat protection point solution product from a small start-up company in the hope that adding to the patchwork of security solutions might do the […]

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