Nick Charnley

Deputy Director - Cyber Security at CLP

Nick is responsible for Cyber Security across all aspects of CLP’s business globally. He is working to shape the direction of Cyber Security within the Power Industry, and as a result strengthening CLP’s Cyber Security, across both their IT and Operational Technology (OT) Fleet.

As an internationally recognized Industrial Professional with over 25 years’ experience, Nick has an in-depth knowledge of all major industries. Covering design, through to construction and commissioning. From Operations to Fleet management.

Through strong leadership and engagement, Nick is bringing together both IT and OT to complement and strengthen each other in order to secure their critical infrastructure.

By driving change through collaboration and technical trust, Nick is working to ensure Cyber Security does not hinder business transformation and innovation but empowers it.

My Sessions

Case Study: OT Passive Detection Deployed

Main Stage

Nick and the team at CLP deployed one of the anomaly detection solutions at multiple locations in their ICS. In this session, he will talk about what worked, what didn’t, and lessons learned. The session will include key questions to ask prior to trying one of these products out such as: are your networks ready? […]

Detection & Response