Reid Wightman

Vulnerability Researcher

Reid Wightman is a vulnerability researcher and consultant. He has focused on industrial control systems security since 2007, when he was a security tester for Schweitzer Engineering Labs. He has extensive experience reverse engineering industrial controllers, including programmable logic controllers, remote terminal units, and digital protective relays. His analysis includes not only analyzing hardware and firmware for product vulnerabilities and supply chain issues, but also in finding protocol vulnerabilities such as security design issues and protocol parsing mistakes.

Reid has given many talks and released a number of software tools for analyzing control systems equipment. Notably, he lead a research project in 2011 called Project Basecamp, which revealed security issues in many critical infrastructure controllers.

My Sessions

CTF Award Ceremony

Main Stage

Teams have been working around the clock since S4x19 began to solve ICS security puzzles, online and offline, in the S4x19 ICS Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. Reid Wightman will announce and interview the winning teams.

Attacks and Attackers Detection & Response