Richard Corrigan

Specialist Master

Rich Corrigan is a Specialist Master in the Cyber Risk Services practice. Rich has a broad range of experience and deep technical knowledge in Cybersecurity, Networking, Data Communications and Telecommunications, over Wireline, Wireless, HFC and Optical media. He specializes in Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems involving Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operating Technology (OT). Rich has 12 patents issued for protocol and signaling methods and apparatus in mobile wireless and cable communications systems.

Rich joined Deloitte to focus on securing Critical Infrastructure in the Energy, Resources and Industrials sector. Prior to Deloitte, Rich worked for Qubitekk productizing Quantum Key Distribution using entangled photons. From 2012-2018, Rich was Cyber Security Principal for Energy Services and Infrastructure provider, working with Utilities Customer Services, Transmission & Distribution, and Energy Delivery Systems, providing risk assessments, security assessments and engineering security controls.

My Sessions

ICS Honeypots: Useful Canaries Or A Bunch Of Feathers

Main Stage

ICS honeypots and honeynets have been around for more than a decade. Many are low interaction that don’t fool basic scanners and others are very difficult to tell from the real thing. To date, most of the deployments are for threat analysis and threat statistics, but should you be considering an ICS honeypot as a […]

Detection & Response