Rob Caldwell

Manager - ICS/OT Practice

Rob Caldwell leads Mandiant’s Industrial Control System Consulting practice and has been with Mandiant since 2014. Rob’s team works globally with customers to develop ICS security strategy, proactively assess systems, and provide ICS-focused incident response services. Prior to Mandiant, Rob was the Chief Security Architect for GE Digital Energy’s software products, including EMS and DMS. Rob has presented at numerous industry events, such as DigitalBond’s S4, SANS ICS Security Summit, Infragard, and FireEye’s Government Forum. Rob currently lives in Florida, dodging hurricanes and other (so far) non-cyber related power outages.

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Getting “In The Loop” With OT Situational Awareness

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Situational awareness is a term coined by military pilots to describe how an aviator assesses operational status and addresses immediate threats to the aircraft and mission.  As IT and OT systems increase in complexity and interconnectivity, the ability to maintain situational awareness of the immediate cyber threat landscape will be paramount in keeping these systems online, available, […]

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