Robert Graham

Cybersecurity Expert

Robert Graham is a well-known cybersecurity expert. He created the BlackICE personal firewall in 1998, and created the first network intrusion prevention system (IPS). He’s also known for creating “sidejacking” of session cookies from the network. Recently, he’s known for masscan, which can scan all 4 billion addresses of the Internet within a few minutes. He regularly blogs at https://blog.erratasec.com on technical topics, cyber rights, and tech policy.

My Sessions

An Interview With Robert Graham (@ErrataRob)

Main Stage

Robert Graham is famous for challenging conventional wisdom and being a contrarian, and backing those positions with facts and logical arguments. While he writes about cyber security in general, he regularly covers critical infrastructure, ICS and IIoT topics. In this session, Dale Peterson will interview Robert on his writings and thoughts relevant to the S4 […]