Sarah Freeman

ICS Cyber Security Analyst

Sarah Freeman is an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cyber security analyst for the Cybercore Integration Center at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), where she provides U.S. government partners and private sector entities with actionable cyber threat intelligence, developing innovative security solutions for the critical infrastructure within the U.S.

At Idaho National Laboratory, Sarah pursues innovative threat analysis and cyber defense approaches, most recently Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE). As Principle Investigator on a laboratory discretionary research, her current research is focused on new signatures and structured methods for cyber adversary characterization. Following the December 2015 electric grid attacks, Sarah participated in the DOE-sponsored training for Ukrainian asset owners in May 2016. She has also researched the Ukrainian 2015 and 2016 cyber-attacks and the Trisis/Hatman incident.

My Sessions

ICS 0Day Market Analysis

Stage 2

This session tries to answer the question: what is the market for ICS 0days? How much is being paid for what type of vulnerabilities? At INL, much of Sarah Freeman’s time is spent trying to understand the potential impact of cyber events at the technical level, but also the incentives and motivations for organizations to […]

Attacks and Attackers Supply Chain