Scott Coleman

VP of Marketing

Scott joined the Owl team in 2014, bringing with him a strong technical background with 25+ years of experience working for high tech, B2B companies that ranged from startups to large multi-national companies. Scott has made a career of developing and bringing to market, real-time, mission critical software and hardware products supporting industries as diverse as cybersecurity, cellular telecommunications, healthcare, logistics, e911, and wiretapping. These solutions work across enterprises, connect to the cloud and now protect the IoT.

With a degree in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University in Boston, Scott started with two feet firmly planted in software engineering, progressed to different leadership positions and has crossed the boundaries of engineering, product management and marketing. Scott has become a thought leader and strikes the balance between espousing technical jargon and providing technical direction that helps customers make informed product decisions.

My Sessions

shIoT Happens

Sponsor Stage

Bad things happen every day. How do we prevent the proverbial sh*t from hitting the OT fan (turbine, pump, etc)? The more connected things are, the less secure they can become, especially those devices that fall under the umbrella of the IIoT. These devices can get lost or ignored in the ever-expanding networks of industrial control systems […]

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