Stephen Hilt

Sr. Threat Researcher

Stephen Hilt is a Sr. Threat Researcher at Trend Micro. Stephen focuses on General Security Research, Threat Actors, Malware behind attacks, and Industrial Control System Security. Stephen enjoys breaking things and putting them back together with a few extra parts to spare. Stephen is a world-renowned researcher, having spoken multiple times at Derbycon, Blackhat US, HITB, and RSA. His research has gained him Dark Reading top hacks of the year twice. Working at Digital Bond Stephen became a Nmap Contributor where he wrote Nmap scripts for ICS and other mainstream protocols. This work took him into becoming an expert on ICS protocols and co-authored the book Hacking Exposed Industrial Control Systems: ICS and SCADA Security Secrets & Solutions.

My Sessions

ICS Honeypots: Useful Canaries Or A Bunch Of Feathers

Main Stage

ICS honeypots and honeynets have been around for more than a decade. Many are low interaction that don’t fool basic scanners and others are very difficult to tell from the real thing. To date, most of the deployments are for threat analysis and threat statistics, but should you be considering an ICS honeypot as a […]

Detection & Response

The Industrial Radio Project

Stage 2

Radio-frequency remote controllers are widely used in the manufacturing, construction, and transportation industry. Cranes, drillers, and miners, among others, are commonly equipped with radio controllers for flexible operation. In industrial environments, vulnerable radio controllers represent a significant problem, firstly because of the safety-critical conditions and, secondly, because of the high replacement costs and long lifespans. […]

Attacks and Attackers