Tatsumi Oba

Security Researcher

Tatsumi Oba is a security engineer & researcher at Panasonic. He has 5 years of experience of developing and applying machine learning algorithms, which can be applied to real-world problems. His current research interests are concerned with anomaly detection, privacy preserving machine learning, and sequential data modeling.

He has worked for Panasonic since 2016 and been responsible for developing malicious or anomalous activity detection algorithms in ICS.

My Sessions

New ICS Protocol Techniques To Detect Attacks

Stage 2

We received a lot of anomaly detection session proposals, and we selected this one because it used three different machine learning algorithms (command transition modeling, periodic data modeling, and packet payload modeling) do detect attacks on BACnet communication. The session will include data from a variety of BACnet protocol attacks and the success each algorithm […]

Detection & Response