Tim Watkins

Lead Application Engineer

Tim Watkins is a Lead Application Engineer for Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. in Pullman, Washington.  He retired in 2013 as a decorated Marine Corps Officer and immediately began working for SEL.  He currently works in the SEL’s Secure Engineering branch of Research and Development.

Tim has a M.S.A in International Leadership from Central Michigan University (2010) and graduated at the top of his class in a masters level US Army Telecommunications and Systems Engineering Course (2005).  His career path in the Marine Corps involved the design and implementation of communications infrastructure.  Tim has managed multi-state WANs and has been deployed multiple times.  During his deployments, he implemented secure communication networks in austere environments for over 40,000 Marines.  Prior to his retirement, he was heavily involved in developing and implementing cyber plans, policies, and procedures at the highest levels of DoD.

Tim is currently combining SEL’s products into a defendable system using SEL’s best practices. The system, combined with training, will assist others in building a defendable architecture. An architecture which will reduce risk, increase resiliency, and continually mature SEL’s best practices for control systems.  One of the key factors to a defendable OT system is ability to whitelist network communications.  Tim has been signification involved in the development of SEL’s OT Software Defined Networking switch.  He believes that this technology not only increases the usability and performance of a network, but that it also significantly raises the cybersecurity and visibility of the network.

Co-Authored Paper – Defense-in-Depth Security for Industrial Control Systems

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