Toby Weir Jones

Chief Product Officer

Toby Weir-Jones is Bayshore’s Chief Product Officer and has spent the past 20 years working in enterprise security product management, systems engineering, and technical marketing functions across the managed security service, telephony, IoT, and industrial sectors. As one of the founding employees of Bruce Schneier’s Counterpane Internet Security, Toby helped the business through its acquisition by British Telecom in 2006 and onwards until 2013.

My Sessions

Active OT Solutions for Service Providers

Sponsor Stage

Bayshore Networks will introduce a discussion of key delivery models for MSSPs looking to expand into the industrial cybersecurity space.  Central to those challenges are how to integrate service delivery models into existing service management tools, and how to deal with restrictions on remote access to the key data.  Other factors include adjusting traditional SLAs […]