Virginia Wright

Energy Cybersecurity Portfolio Manager

Virginia “Ginger” Wright is the Energy Cybersecurity Portfolio Manager for Idaho National Laboratory’s Cybercore division within its National and Homeland Security directorate. She leads programs focused on cybersecurity and resilience of critical infrastructure for DOE, DARPA and other government agencies including DOE’s CATT™, CyOTE™, CyTRICS™. Ms. Wright’s recent research areas include incident response, critical infrastructure modeling and simulation, cyber supply chain security, and nuclear cybersecurity.

Ms. Wright has a significant technical and program management background through her work at the laboratory, in government, education and private organizations. She focuses on designing and managing research projects to improve cyber security and cyber restoration of critical infrastructure systems, including the power grid and nuclear facilities. Ms. Wright is renowned for her ability to create collaborative, multidisciplinary environments for researchers. Her work on Cyber Informed Engineering and her research in component analysis for Critical Infrastructure digital assets are two recent impactful research efforts, gaining approval from DOE, vendors and asset owners.

Ms. Wright has held various positions at INL including Domestic Nuclear Cyber Security Program Manager, Conduct of Research Lead for INL Chief Research Officer, Deputy Director and Projects Manager for Mission Support Center, Principle Investigator for the INL team for DARPA National Cyber Range. Prior to joining INL, she was a Project Manager at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Ms. Wright has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems/Operations Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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