Vladimir Dashchenko

Head of Vulnerability Research

Vladimir graduated from Ural State Technical University with a degree in information security of telecommunication systems. He started his career as a security engineer at Russian Federal Space Agency. His research interests are pentesting, ICS, security audits, security of different unusual things (like smart toys, TVs, smart city infrastructure) and threat intelligence. Vladimir drives security research at Kaspersky ICS CERT. Vladimir speaks at different security conferences, like ZeroNights, SAS, S4, Positive Hack Days, Europol and others. He is also a part of Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT team and a member of Beer-ISAC community.

My Sessions

The Final Showdown: Business vs Research — Who contributes to the ICS security community best?

Sponsor Stage

Global ICS security community is growing and this professional networking has significant role in addressing industrial cybersecurity challenges. In the session, we will show briefly how different units of Kaspersky contribute to the ICS security community building.

Attacks and Attackers Panel / Debate