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S4x22 Sponsor Packages

January 24th – 27th in Miami South Beach

The S4 Event in Miami Beach is the best place to influence the influencers in ICS security (710 attendees from 31 countries at S4x20). The event is designed to challenge the advanced ICS security audience that attends with new ideas, information, analysis and opinion. It’s leading / bleeding edge content in a unique and creative environment attracts the people in our industry that are embracing and leading change. It is the most receptive audience you will find if you are looking to market a new product or service.

Email for additional S4x22 sponsor info.

Who attends S4?

  • The top ICS technical talent from asset owners are at S4 to learn the latest in attack techniques and how to protect against and detect these attacks.
  • The CISO and Plant Managers from asset owners are at S4 to learn and get a head start on what is coming in the near and mid-term future.
  • Governments and industry organizations worldwide send their best talent to S4.
  • The ICS and ICS security vendors leading engineers and product line managers are at S4 to see how their offerings stand up and where they need to go in the future
  • And the top ICS security consultants … the people that recommend security products and strategies are at S4.

Currently Available

S4 Partner (Thursday – $100,000 Available)

The Partner name in this package is serious. Each day of S4 will have a Partner who will do a Stage 3 takeover on their day, have an experience throughout the event, and many other benefits. It is like putting on your own one-day event for the world’s ICS security influencers. If interested, email for the full Partner Package details and to discuss if it is a fit for your company and for S4x22.

Feature Sponsor Packages

Food Truck Thursday – $4,000 (3 Total, 2 Remaining)

We will be putting a large tent outside the Fillmore Main Entrance to provide additional lunch seating to support the larger number of attendees (and so they can enjoy the weather). On Tuesday and Thursday, we will have 3 Food Trucks outside the Main Entrance for attendees to pick up lunch in a fun and authentic food truck experience.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each food truck will serve up to 150 people / lunches over a two-hour period.
  • The sponsor will be responsible for handling the ordering of the food, but this is where the big benefit comes in. Attendees will come up to you and place their order. You will get their mobile number or email contact info so you can contact them when their food is ready. (And you can scan their QR code as well if you like)
  • You will have a table next to the truck with your banner in the front of the table.
  • There is no time for demos at the table, but if you have a quick giveaway or document you want to share you can hand them something, and even better, talk to them while they are waiting for their food.

      Sold Out Packages

      See the S4x22 Partners and Sponsors on the Sponsor Page


      Cabana Sessions Package – (SOLD OUT)
      Welcome Party Package – (SOLD OUT)
      Tuesday and Wednesday Partner – (SOLD OUT)
      Badge Pickup – (SOLD OUT)
      Basic Sponsor Package – (SOLD OUT)
      Craft Beer Bash – (SOLD OUT)
      Monday Training – (SOLD OUT)
      Food Truck Tuesday – (SOLD OUT)
      S4 Lounge – (SOLD OUT)