Worthy Cause Exhibitors

The S4 credo is Create The Future. To help accomplish at S4x23 we have free exhibitor space right outside the Main Stage and Stage 2 for worthy causes that will help create the future of OT and ICS security. Visit these worthy causes and see if you can help.


All Three Days

The ICS Village is a 501c3 nonprofit that builds realistic ICS environments that allows defenders of any experience level to understand the unique failure modes of these systems and how to better prepare and respond to the changing threat landscape. The money they raise in donations and sponsorship goes directly to building the physical and virtual ICS Villages they bring to conferences.

The ICS Village is running the s4 ICS CTF. They have brought a large ICS Village and are coordinating the addition of flags from S4 Prime Sponsors. Your donations will help them provide this experience at more events.

Tuesday Worth Cause Exhibitors

The Women In ICS Security volunteer team continue their program on Tuesday. The exhibit will focus on providing 1 – 1 coaching for women at any point in their career. In addition this will be a location to learn how you can be part of their Learn, Build, Grow mission at S4x23.

(CS)²AI, pronounced “See-say”, is the premier global not for profit workforce development organization supporting professionals of all levels charged with securing control systems. With over 27,000 members worldwide, (CS)²AI provides the platform for members to help members, foster meaningful peer-to-peer exchange, continue professional education and directly support cyber security professional development in every way. Stop by and see what they have to offer and decide if you or your company wants to join, and potentially contribute to the effort.

Wednesday Worthy Cause Exhibitors

The ICS Advisory Project allows users to create a plan of action and milestones for prioritizing and mitigating vulnerabilities identified through the project’s publicly available interactive dashboards. At S4x23, the ICS Advisory Project will present use cases demonstrating how to use the interactive dashboards to determine Foreign Ownership Controlled Interest (FOCI) Assets/Services identification for existing products in the Asset owner environment, ICS assets vulnerable to known exploited vulnerabilities identified in the CISA Known Exploited Vulnerability (KEV) Catalog and developing a mitigation strategy based on threats correlated to current known tactics and techniques.

The newly formed CWE-CAPEC ICS/OT Special Interest Group (SIG) is a forum for researchers and technical representatives from organizations operating in ICS/OT design, manufacturing, and security to interact, share opinions and expertise, and leverage each other’s experiences in supporting continued growth and adoption of CWE as a common language for defining ICS/OT security weaknesses and their associated patterns of attack.

Thursday Worthy Cause Exhibitors 

The Rural Tech Fund works to reduce the gap between rural and non-rural communities by providing technology education resources, scholarships, and assistive technology devices to rural students. We work with rural schools and libraries to deliver technology education resources to support computer science and STEM education classes and extracurricular programs. We also provide scholarships for rural students pursuing computer-related majors and assistive technology equipment to increase education access for students with disabilities. Your donations support our donations of technology education equipment, assistive technology, and scholarships for rural students.

On behalf of the Department of Energy Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response, NREL and seven national laboratories are developing a report on cybersecurity of electric distribution systems in response to the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The report will asses priorities, policies, procedures, and actions for enhancing the physical security and cybersecurity of electric distribution systems. The team is engaging a broad representation of stakeholders from federal agencies, state agencies, state regulatory authorities, private industry, and academia to obtain diverse perspective and expertise in the development of the report. At the booth, NREL representatives will be seeking the S4 community’s input on the report with an online questionnaire and will also be available for in-person discussions.