Save The Date ... S4x21: Jan 26-28

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Set free a conservative, slow moving, change resistant community to discover new ideas and come up with innovative ways to use these new ideas to deploy secure, resilient and better ICS. 719 of the world’s best in OT and ICS Security attended S4x20. You should plan on coming to S4x21, or even better get on stage by answering the CFP that is open now until September 15th.

Free Online ICS Security Workshops

Ralph Langner challenged S4 to grow the ICS security community at a much faster pace. Our answer was the one day OnRamp: 101-Level ICS Security training at S4x19 and the Highway: 201-Level ICS Security Workshop at S4x20. The idea was not to make you an expert in a day. The idea was to provide newcomers to ICS security with the basic information needed to participate in risk discussions.

Now we have taken the videos from those world class teachers, 10 in the OnRamp and 8 in the Highway, added some additional audio, video and article content, and created online workshops. Over 1,500 people have attended these workshops. All for free. 

Who on your team needs to get up to speed on ICS security fast?

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