S4x25 Call For Presentations Is Open

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We are looking for great speakers and sessions to fill the three stages at S4x25, 11 – 13 February in Tampa. This is your chance to share your big idea or great research, and gain support from 1000+ of the best in world in OT and ICS security.

We highly recommend you watch the video and read the information below to understand what we are looking for, what we are not looking for, and improve your chances of getting on a S4 stage.

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send an email to cfp@s4xevents.com

Session and Speaker Details

  • Sessions are 30 minutes long.
  • The S4 audience is 1,000+ of the best in world in ICS security and OT cyber risk management. A great way to get your idea and work out to the world.
  • All sessions are recorded and put on the S4 Events YouTube Channel. We spend great effort to make speakers look great with staging, multi-camera shoots, detailed review and assistance, and a bit of hair and make-up before you go on stage.
  • All sessions are single speaker sessions, with rare exceptions.
  • Speakers get a free ticket to S4x25, unlimited use of their session video, a S4 performer pack, and the fame and fortune when your idea spreads.
  • Speakers who must personally pay for travel are eligible for a $1,500 speaker stipend.

The Stages

The Main Stage

The place for Big Ideas for all attendees. You will be asked to submit your Big Idea in one or two sentences, and then you can provide additional detail. The Big Idea doesn’t have to be completely new. It could be a spin or different way of looking at something. We also put related field sessions on the big stage such as insurance, economics, international relations, reputation management, etc.

This stage seats 1,500 and has a 5-camera shoot. It will be full for the keynote blocks in the morning. After that it competes with Stage 2 and Stage 3 for attendees.

Stage 2 – Technical Deep Dives

Stage 2 is S4’s heritage. Very detailed, highly technical sessions. You can’t get too technical for the Stage 2 audience. This is the reason they come to S4. The key here is to focus on what is new and important about your technical session. What new exploit, testing method, post exploit technique, protection or detection approach, … do you want to share with the audience?

Stage 2 seats 500+ people and is a 4-camera shoot.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is for sessions that will appeal to a subsection of the S4 attendees, a niche. It could be a specific industrial sector. It could be for a specific asset owner role. Or it could be something that you feel isn’t big enough for the Main Stage or technical enough for Stage 2. Stage 3 seats 200+ people and is a 3-camera shoot. Stage 3 has had some standing room only sessions at recent S4 events.

The Topics

Anything related to OT and ICS Security or Risk Management is a fit as long as it:

  • is advanced, no OTSec 101
  • is new, the S4 attendee wants new ideas, new research, new approaches
  • has a point of view and call to action

Do not submit:

  • Panels
  • Multi-speaker sessions
  • Content closely related to a product or service you sell